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What nutrients do teens need?

What nutrients do teens need?The teenage years are a period of rapid growth and development. A time when a balanced, healthy diet is more important than ever to meet the body’s needs. So when they’re more into crisps than crudités, how can you prevent food from becoming just another topic to battle over and instil healthy […]

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How to avoid acid overload

How to avoid acid overloadAre you fed up feeling tired and lacking in energy? Constantly feeling           bloated? Struggling to shake off a cold or even sleep at night? You could be suffering from acid overload. Maybe it’s time to redress the balance                      and get your gut back on track.Maintaining the correct acid/alkaline balance Most foods can […]

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Are You At Risk From Low Iron Levels

Are you at risk from low iron levels?To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question – but when it comes to the mineral iron, essential for the transport of oxygen around the body, the figures speak for themselves.  The most common mineral deficiency According to the World Health Organisation, iron deficiency is the […]

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