Hi, my name is Hilary Boddie and I am an established health writer, content producer and author.

Along with writing, I also have a passion for all things to do with health, wellbeing and fitness and to be able to combine all of these, which I have done for over a decade, is a great privilege.

I have worked for many of the UK’s top women’s magazines and national newspapers - which has included being the Health Editor at OK! Magazine for over 11 years.

I am a firm believer in taking an integrated approach when it comes to health and wellbeing. I am particularly interested in the role of holistic therapies and natural treatments and think it is very important to look at the whole picture when trying to solve any health and wellbeing concerns. It’s all about having the right information to enable you to make informed choices.

Through my work, I get to meet some amazing people and top experts in the world of health and wellbeing - some traditional and some alternative - and the chance to tap into their expertise.

I am not medically trained, but I talk to those who are and the aim of my blog is to be able to share with you some of the most interesting, informative and fascinating bits that may be of use. It could be the latest research on why you should be using evening primrose oil on your skin; chatting to a leading nutritionist to get their views about the latest diet trend or why a growing number of experts believe the HPV vaccine should be offered to boys as well as girls?

What interests me, I hope, will also interest you…